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The most innovative and advanced neuro-muscular assessment

HUBER® 360

  • HUBER® 360 -The most innovative and advanced neuro-muscular
    assessment & rehabilitation device
  • Suitable for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports
    medicine, wellness clinics, orthopedics, neuroscience
    & geriatric
  •  Works on the physical & cognitive skills of patients to
    help them regain/improve on health conditions
  • Suitable for both lower and upper extremity of the body
  • Assessment and analysis on seven different
  •  Four fundamentals of Huber rehabilitation:
    – Flexibility & Mobility
    – Resistance
    Dynamic Reinforcement
    – Posture & Balance
  •  Features the patented Multiaxis Motorized Platform™
  • Eight specific trajectories for various indications
  •  Forced Sensors built in to the platform and handles
  • Innovative Huber 360 Application
  •  Remote control of patient exercises through tablet